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Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 07th, 2015
By: Eric KieferMIT graduate Shiva Ayyadurai’s offer is simple.If the Monsanto Company can disprove his claim that there are “no safety assessment standards” for genetically modified organisms (GMO), he will give the agro-giant a $10 million building that he owns in Cambridge, Massachusetts.That’s how strongly the inventor believes in the alleged danger of unregulated GMOs.... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 06th, 2015
Mexico's Supreme Court on Wednesday blocked a move to allow the planting of genetically modified soya seeds in two states, arguing that indigenous communities that had fought the move should be consulted before it was approved.In a statement, the court said that the five justices had voted unanimously to grant an injunction against Mexico's agriculture ministry SAGARPA, which had given... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 06th, 2015
By: Jason BestIn June, the Environmental Protection Agency released the results of its assessment of 52 chemicals and the likelihood that any of them could be classified as endocrine disruptors—those substances known to interfere with the hormonal system and linked to such health ills as certain cancers, birth defects, and developmental disorders. On the list of chemicals the agency... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 05th, 2015
By: Lorraine ChowU.S. consumers are already widely skeptical about genetically modified (GMO) crops, but could genetically modified meat ever make it onto our plates? CBC News reports that, in addition to GMO salmon, there are two different varieties of GMO pork that are currently in development, raising questions about the future of our food.Genetically... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 05th, 2015
By: Robert ColeChina has broken the future of Syngenta, the Swiss pesticides giant, wide open. The company has rejected a $42 billion bid from the China National Chemical Corporation, Bloomberg News reported. But the world’s big agrochemical companies look ripe for consolidation. Syngenta may find itself among the first to be harvested.Several factors could fuel mergers and... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 04th, 2015
By: P.J. Huffstutter and Meredith DavisMonsanto Co's Climate Corp will sell its Precision Planting farm equipment business to Deere & Co for an undisclosed sum, a move that underscores how turmoil in the agriculture sector has made it ripe for consolidation.For Climate, a unit of the world's largest seed company, the deal marks the latest push to shed businesses that are not... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 01st, 2015
Farmers of sugar beets, often using seeds from Monsanto and others, are seeing their products lose market share due to consumer demand for non-GMO foods. As a result, beet growers will engage in social media campaigning and amplify their lobbying efforts.This year, 60 percent of the 8.8 million tons of sugar produced in the US will have originated in sugar beets. But in the last fiscal year, the... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 01st, 2015
By: Willy BlackmoreThanks to its status as the first state in the country to weigh in on the presidential primary races with its January caucus, Iowa plays a major role in early campaigning. That usually requires candidates to make friendly comments about ethanol, lionize the American Farmer, and eat folksy food at any number of small-town cafés and diners. This election cycle, however, the... more


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