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48 Hours to Stop Obama's New Tax on Family Farms

If you thought NAIS (the National Animal Identification System) was dead, think again! Right now the Obama administration is attempting to sneak a scaled-down version of a new \"Traceability for Livestock\" program onto farms across the U.S. through a new backdoor proposed USDA regulation. Just like last time, the group ID is alive for factory farms, saving them lots of money, while family farmers and those who raise a few animals, like backyard chickens, will face the expense and burden of individually tagging their animals if they cross state lines.

The USDA's proposed new \"traceability\" rule will act like a driver's liscence for your backyard chicken or an ID card for a cow in Western Iowa crossing the border into Eastern Nebraska. If Obama gets away with it, this new Animal Identification rule will act like a tax on every livestock animal that crosses state lines - something that happens THOUSANDS a times a day in the United States!

Please submit your comment to protect family farmers and they’re right to own animals without government interferience! DEADLINE for comments is COB Friday, December 9.

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