Take the Monsanto Stock Plunge - Divest Monsanto Now!

As the manufacturer of Agent Orange, DDT, PCPs and dioxin, Monsanto's toxic legacy of harm to the environment and human health is without parallel. Now more
OMG It's GMO Starbucks!

Right now, Starbucks is serving milk to millions of customers every day from factory farms along with baked good products chock full of GMOs. As more
Coexistence is Contamination: Don't Let Monsanto's GMOs Contaminate Organics!

Right now the U.S. Department of Agriculture is working with biotech lobbyists to finalize a plan so Monsanto's GMO crops can contaminate organic and non-GMO more
I am Steve Marsh

A threat to an organic farmer anywhere, is a threat to all organic farmers everywhere! Next week, an important case is being heard halfway around more
Tell Monsanto Shareholders: It's Time to Label GMOs

For the past 22 years, Monsanto has worked behind the scenes with our federal government to keep Americans in the dark if their food has more
Breaking: Monsanto Strikes Back to Kill GMO Labeling

Right now Monsanto and giant food companies are scheming behind the scenes to introduce a bill in Congress that would kill mandatory state GMO labeling more
Don't Let the FDA Toss Your Local Salad!

Right now former Monsanto super lobbyist Michael Taylor is busy crafting new food safety rules at the FDA that could drive tens of thousands of more
Keep Calm and Label GMOs!

Thank You for your Support. Today we stand strong together! We Shall Prevail! Eternal Gratitude! There are not words enough to thank you for helping more
Only Hours to Stop Monsanto - Vote Today in Washington State to Win GMO Labeling!

I just got off the phone with the Yes on I-522 campaign in Seattle, Washington and things are going down to the wire in this more
Tell Hawaii Leaders to Stop Poisoning Paradise!

For the past 20 plus years, the Hawaiian Islands have become ground zero for open air field trials of the biotech industry's toxic chemicals and more
Today we March Against Monsanto! You in?

Join farmers and free citizens around the world in the March to Stop Monsanto! Today, Food Democracy Now! is calling on you to join the more
Stop SB 863 / SB 633: Oregon's Monsanto Protection Act

Today Oregon legislators and Governor John Kitzhaber will decide whether they will do the bidding of out of state multinational biotech seed giants like Monsanto more
BREAKING: Senate Moves to Kill the Monsanto Protection Act!

BREAKING: Senator Mikulski kills the Monsanto Protection Act in the Senate! Congratulations to everyone who took action to stop this outrageous act in Congress! Your more
Will Senate Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act?

UPDATE: Your calls are working! Last night Senator Barbara Mikulski's office indicated that she will pull the Monsanto Protection Act from the Continuing Resolution budget bill more
Tell the Senate to Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act!

UPDATE: On Friday, Sept 20th, the House passed a Continuing Resolution (H.J.RES.59) that contains the same Monsanto Protection Act that it passed last spring! We more
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