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Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Aug 29th, 2013
Tell Congress and Obama to stop Monsanto's secret deals to kill GMO labeling Help Stop Secret Trade Deals,  the TPP and TAFTA: the global Monsanto Protection Act on Steroids! Right now two secret trade agreements, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), also called the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), are being... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Aug 27th, 2013
By Alison Rose Levy, Coca-Cola claims diet drinks promote weight loss, but studies show that artificial sweeteners actually contribute to weight gain. In response to a plunge in sales of artificially sweetened sodas last week, Coca-Cola announced plans to roll out an ad campaign to win back popular favor for its aspartame-containing beverage, Diet Coke. (Diet Pepsi, which also contained... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Aug 27th, 2013
We Need YOU Today To Help WIN Yes on 522 to Label GMOs! Join us to Volunteer for Yes on 522! Join the Yes on 522 Volunteer Training Call - this Thursday, Aug. 29th - at 7pm PST! Help turn the Tide to Stop Monsanto & friends - Join us to win the Food Fight of the century! In just two months, the people of Washington State will go to the polls to pass a ballot initiative on GMO labeling. The... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Aug 23rd, 2013
By Jamie Lopez, The number of cantons in Costa Rica that have adopted legislation to prohibit the cultivation of potentially dangerous genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is now at 62. These transgenic-free territories are following a legal strategy often called the “anti-Monsanto doctrine” after the world’s most powerful distributor of GMO seeds. The new transgenic-free... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Aug 15th, 2013
By RT, Controversial genetically modified super-maize from Monsanto is set to be approved for cultivation across the European Union by late October, officials tell RT. Despite EU regulators last month thwarting the expansion of the world’s largest seed corporation, it appears Germany won’t escape new GMO crops.  A spokesman for EU health and consumer policy commissioner... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Aug 15th, 2013
By Jim Hightower, In 2002, it was reported that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had told a friend an amusing tale about our man George W. Bush. It seems that the two of them and French President Jacques Chirac had gotten into an economics discussion, after which George supposedly confided to Tony that he was decidedly unimpressed with Jacques' views: "The problem with the French... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Aug 14th, 2013
By Jeremy Blackman, Two months after his state passed legislation requiring labels on genetically engineered foods, Maine Rep. Lance Harvell, the bill’s chief sponsor, pitched his case yesterday for why New Hampshire lawmakers should follow suit. “If you want to make the American people potentially a lab experiment, at least let them know what’s going on,” Harvell... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Aug 10th, 2013
By Michelle Schoffo Cook, I was shocked to read a story in Canada’s highly conservative national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, a couple of days ago in which well-known investor and columnist Chris Umiastowski, P.Eng., MBA, warned of the risk in holding Monsanto stock.  It was refreshing to read the views of an investor who is not just concerned about the bottom line but also the... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Aug 08th, 2013
By Michele Simon, While the food movement has been gaining steam in recent years, tangible policy wins have been sparse due to by powerful industry lobbying. One significant victory that appears within reach is the labeling of genetically engineered foods. The narrow loss last fall of Proposition 37 in California has inspired 26 other states to propose similar measures, including Washington,... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Aug 06th, 2013
 By Nicole Brochu, If you've bought Cheddar Goldfish snacks in the past four years, one fed-up Lake Worth mom wants to help you get your money back. And her multimillion-dollar effort has put South Florida on the forefront of a national debate over genetically modified foods. Disgusted by what her complaint calls false advertising, Palm Beach County elementary schoolteacher Lisa Leo has... more

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