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Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 31st, 2013
By Sophie Cocke, In the latest volley in a tense battle over a recently passed bill that would require biotech companies to disclose details about their pesticide use and farmers to acknowledge their genetically engineered crops, Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho vetoed it on Thursday “I have always said I agree with the intent of this bill to provide for pesticide use disclosure, create... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 31st, 2013
By Jon Swaine, A new "super salmon" is expected to be approved for sale in the U.S. within the next few weeks, reigniting a heated debate over genetically-modified food. The salmon would be the first GM animal ever approved for human consumption, and has been under development in Massachusetts for 18 years. It is expected to be cleared for sale soon by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 31st, 2013
SEATTLE — A ballot measure in next week’s election will give voters here the chance to make Washington the first state to require the labeling of genetically engineered foods. But the question of whether to put a few words on a package has touched off a surprisingly high-stakes, big-dollar fight with potential implications for other states. Large contributions from multinational food... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 30th, 2013
By Eric M. Johnson and Carey Gillam, SEATTLE/KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct 29 (Reuters) - Major U.S. food and chemical companies are pouring millions of dollars into efforts to block approval of a ballot initiative in Washington state that would make it the first in the United States to require labeling of foods containing genetically modified crops. Despite early strong support for the measure... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 30th, 2013
By Colin Tudge, Governments these days are not content with agriculture that merely provides good food. In line with the dogma of neoliberalism they want it to contribute as much wealth as any other industry towards the grand goal of “economic growth”. High tech offers to reconcile the two ambitions – producing allegedly fabulous yields, which seems to be what’s... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 30th, 2013
By Ronnie Cummins,    Twenty years after the controversial introduction of unlabeled and untested genetically engineered foods and crops, opposition to GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and Monsanto has created one of the largest netroots-grassroots movements in the U.S. There are arguably more important issues facing us today than the battle against Frankenfoods. The climate... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 29th, 2013
By Niraj Chokshi, Note: It may be an off-year for federal elections, but Nov. 5 will prove pivotal for some local measures. This week, we’ll take a daily look at the policy questions facing voters in some states. On Monday, we looked at the nearly $1 billion in new taxes Coloradans are being asked to consider. Today, we look to Washington. In Washington state, a well-financed food fight... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 29th, 2013
By Michele Simon, New report from Eat Drink Politics exposes McDonald’s charitable activity as a marketing tool to deflect critics Pop quiz: Who do you think funds the hundreds of Ronald McDonald Houses around the nation? McDonald’s right? Sort of, but not really. While McDonald’s gets 100 percent of the brand benefit from Ronald McDonald House Charities, the burger giant... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 29th, 2013
By Global Justice Equality Project, Gainesville, FL (US) - The University of Florida, a leading institution researching genetically engineered (GE) trees [1], threatened to arrest activists from the Campaign to STOP GE Trees when they arrived on campus Saturday to prepare for a presentation to highlight critical perspectives on tree biotechnology that was scheduled for tonight. The police... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 28th, 2013
House Committee Votes Oct 29th & Nov 7th - Act Now! -Tell New Hampshire: "I support GMO labeling!" - Don't let Monsanto stop GMO labeling in New Hampshire! Tell New Hampshire - I want GMO labeling now It's time to stand up for your rights - Live Free and Label GMOs! Right now the effort to label GMOs is heating up in New Hampshire and we need you to take immediate action today to let your... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 21st, 2013
By Kaye Specter, An international group of more than 90 scientists, academics and physicians released a statement today saying there is no scientific consensus on the safety of genetically modified (GM) foods and crops. The statement was issued in response to recent claims from the agricultural biotech / GMO industry and some scientists, journalists and commentators that there is a... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 18th, 2013
Attorney General Forces Junk Food Lobby to Obey Washington State Law and Disclose Donors to No on 522 Earlier this week, the Washington State attorney general sued the Grocery Manufacturers Association for violating lobbying disclosure laws by hiding the identity of its individual members making donations. Today, GMA waved the white flag. Here are the donors and how much they are spending to... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 16th, 2013
By Michele Simon, Effort to Hide Brand-Name Corporations Opposing GE Food Labeling Lands in Court In the final weeks leading up to Election Day, the debate over measure I-522 in Washington State is getting even uglier. As I recently explained, the Grocery Manufacturer Association, the nation's largest trade group for the processed food industry, has been flexing its muscle to oppose the... more


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