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Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 26th, 2014
ALBANY, GA. — A federal jury found two former executives of the Peanut Corporation of America (P.C.A.) and a broker the company worked with guilty on Sept. 19 of actions that led to a massive Salmonella outbreak in 2009 that resulted in nine deaths, sickened more than 700, led to one of the largest recalls ever and involved dozens of food manufacturers that were customers of the... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 26th, 2014
PESTICIDE USE ON GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CROPSRamon J. Seidler, Ph.D.Former Senior Scientist at the Environmental Protection AgencyOffice of Research and Development, Western Ecology Division in Corvallis ORSeptember 2014Pesticide Use On Genetically Engineered Crops Much has been written by scientific and mainstream media about the advantages of using genetically engineered (GE) crops because,... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 26th, 2014
Former EPA Senior Scientist's New Article Sets Record StraightMichael Specter's recent articles bashing Vandana Shiva and the labeling of genetically engineered foods (Seeds of Doubt and The Problem with G.M.O. Labels, 8/25/14) in the New Yorker are the latest high-profile pro-GMO articles that fail to engage with the fundamental critique of genetically engineered food... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 26th, 2014
Opens New Investigation Into Separate Detection of GE Wheat in Montana in 2014 WASHINGTON, Sept. 26, 2014— After conducting a thorough and scientifically detailed investigation into the detection last year of genetically engineered (GE) wheat growing in a single field on a single farm in Oregon, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 26th, 2014
By: Clarissa A. LeonBerkeley’s soda tax wants to send a strong message to the rest of the nation that diabetes is not welcome there.Big Soda is getting nervous. The city of Berkeley, Calif. has a proposed measure charging a big tax on soda distributors. Big Soda has poured $800,000 so far into defeating the measure, which has been receiving wide support from community members... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 24th, 2014
By: Carol PolsgroveAs monarch butterflies make their long journey from the U.S. to Mexico this fall, let's pause to consider the 90 percent drop in their numbers over the past twenty years. So steep has been their decline that a petition has been filed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service requesting protection for the monarch under the Endangered Species Act.This... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 13th, 2014
By: Pete Farrer & Marianne FalckThe widely used herbicide glyphosate has been judged 'safe', write Pete Farrer & Marianne Falck. But by the time it's used, it's in a 'formulation' with toxic surfactants, which escape EU regulation despite their known dangers. Germany alone has forbidden the use of the most dangerous surfactant - but is keeping its evidence secret.... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 08th, 2014
The genetic diversity of maize, or corn, is declining in Mexico, where the world’s largest food crop originated, report researchers in Mexico and at the University of California, Davis.The findings are particularly sobering at a time when agriculturists around the world are looking to the gene pools of staple foods like corn to dramatically increase food production for a global population... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 08th, 2014
Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute claimed on Sunday that  genetically modified BT brinjal has no detrimental effects on human health, bio-diversity and environment though it said it carried out no research on the controversial food crop. BT brinjal, or bacillus thuringiensis brinjal, is a transgenic brinjal by injecting the soil bacterium bacillus thuringinsis into the genome of... more

Posted By: Ethan on Sep 08th, 2014
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (Bari) plans to widen farming of its first genetically modified (GM) crop -- Bt brinjal -- by distributing its saplings among 100 more growers in the coming winter, said Bari Director General Dr Md Rafiqul Islam Mondal at a press briefing in the city yesterday.The briefing was arranged mainly to dispel worries, voiced by some green groups, that the GM... more

Posted By: Ethan on Sep 08th, 2014
By: Abu Bakar SiddiqueThe government has finally acknowledged that before releasing four varieties of genetically modified Bt brinjal – patented by US seed giant Monsanto – at the farmers’ level, it did not conduct any laboratory test by itself regarding the possible negative impacts on human health. “We could not carry out any test regarding human health hazards... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 07th, 2014
By: Dr. MercolaAccording to a survey by Gardeners' World magazine,1 80 percent of gardeners reported being happy and satisfied with their lives, compared to 67 percent of non-gardeners. This feeling of well being can have other more-far reaching implications for your physical health as well. According to research from Johns Hopkins,2 having a cheerful temperament can... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Sep 06th, 2014
By: Tiffany SteckerSeed and crop management company Syngenta Crop Protection LLC has petitioned U.S. EPA to increase the legal tolerance for a neonicotinoid pesticide residue in several crops -- in one case increasing the acceptable level by 400 times, according to a notice in today'sFederal Register.Syngenta, one of the biggest manufacturers of pesticides, wants to increase the... more


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