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Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 20th, 2015
By: Barb GlenOLDS, Alta.— Discovery of genetically modified alfalfa in Western Canada, where it has not yet been approved, highlights the likelihood of its eventual spread, said the president of Forage Seed Canada Inc.
Heather Kerschbaumer said it would be preferable to keep GM alfalfa out of the West, at least until it is accepted by export markets.
However, discovery of the Roundup Ready... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 20th, 2015
By: Jamie BueltDes Moines, Iowa - In case you didn’t know, yesterday was an agricultural double-hitter in Iowa with “I Grew Up Country Day,” proclaimed by Gov. Terry Branstad and the 42nd National Ag Day. If you missed the “Kiss Me, I’m a Farmer” buttons, you might have to wait until next year.With all of this farm talk, it turns out that... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 19th, 2015
By: Nick MeyerEven as United States consumers begin demanding more and more organic foods, organic farmers themselves are struggling with the realities of life in a system that seems set up for genetically modified crops to thrive.Subsidies for corn and soybeans are the norm here, and while farmers who wish to grow either of the crops organically have the opportunity to get in on the benefits,... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 19th, 2015
By: Ben UnglesbeeMonsanto Company has reached a settlement with wheat farmers in seven states, including Missouri, over the 2013 contamination of an Oregon wheat farm with the seed and biotech company's genetically modified wheat. In the settlement, Monsanto did not admit liability and agreed to donate $50,000 to land grant universities in each of the states represented in the... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 18th, 2015
By: Rachel FeltmanA new paper in Nature Chemical Biology suggests that yeast can be modified to produce opiates from sugar -- albeit not without a whole lot of biology expertise -- meaning that dangerous drugs could be made at home the same way hobbyists create beer. But researchers warn that regulators should act quickly to keep DIY home-brewers from figuring out the process for... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 18th, 2015
By: Connie GroopFor a Tolstoy farmer, the issue of whether to grow GMO crops isn’t as clear cut as it is for many others.While some in the agriculture industry believe genetically modified organisms provide the best advantages for growing crops, others believe that philosophy is badly flawed. Meanwhile, Corey Johannsen grows both GMO and non-GMO crops.“For those promoting non-GMO... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 17th, 2015
By: Jessica RobinsonThe Idaho legislature approved a resolution Friday on genetically engineered food.It doesn’t actually create a labeling system, but says the Idaho legislature wants the federal government to step in and create uniform, voluntary labels for genetically engineered foods.During the floor debate in the Senate, North Idaho Republican Mary Souza stood up to say she would... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 17th, 2015
 Don't Let Big Food Corrupt our Food Guidelines! - Take Action Today!Tell the Obama Administration to Protect our health and our planet, Not Big Food’s profits! Dear FDN! Supporters,Last month an advisory panel of public health experts recommended a groundbreaking shift in federal dietary guidelines, advising the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Health and Human... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 15th, 2015
Over the past decade, certain foods that were originally grown organically have been replaced by replicas promoted to be better than what nature has provided. These genetically modified organisms, backed by Monsanto, came with fantastic promises of easier farming, higher yields, and optimized nutrition. However, independent studies have now shown genetically modified organisms may be causing more... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 13th, 2015
By: Don QuijonesThe global food wars are heating up. As I reported last September, Mexico is on the frontline of one of the most important global battles – the battle for the control and ownership of seed stocks.In 2013 a collective of 53 scientists and 22 civil rights organizations and NGOs brought a lawsuit against some of the biggest players in the biotech industry. To everyone... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 11th, 2015
Monsanto-linked Jerry Crawford doesn't inspire much hope.Press reports indicate that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will announce her run for president next month, setting off a 20-month election cycle.Her first steps are to set up a campaign in the historic early primary states, Iowa and New Hampshire. Perhaps with an eye toward her third-place finish in 2008, Clinton... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 05th, 2015
In an acclaimed new book being launched Wednesday in London, American public interest attorney Steven Druker reveals how the US government and leading scientific institutions have systematically misrepresented the facts about GMOs and the scientific research that casts doubt on their safety.The book, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, features a foreword by the renowned primatologist Dame Jane... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Mar 05th, 2015
By: Sean PoulterDame Jane Goodall, the renowned primate expert, has condemned ‘deluded’ politicians for pushing ‘Frankenstein Food’.The highly respected academic has endorsed a new book, which argues the companies responsible for developing genetically modified farming and food have twisted the evidence to minimise the dangers.Historically, critics of GM food have been... more


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