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Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Apr 05th, 2016
By SustainablePulse, Burkina Faso’s cotton association is seeking 48.3 billion CFA francs ($83.91 million) in compensation from U.S. seed company Monsanto after it said genetically modified cotton led to a drop in quality, association members said on Monday.Cotton is the second-biggest source of revenue for the impoverished West African country after gold.In an effort to increase... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Apr 04th, 2016
By SustainablePulse, The African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB), in a new report published Monday titled, “For your own good!” The chicanery behind GM non-commercial ‘orphan crops’ and rice for Africa shows that the GM industry is expanding its grasp to African traditional crops such as cassava, sorghum, sweet potato, pigeon pea, cowpea, banana as well as rice... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Apr 01st, 2016
By SustainablePulse, A coalition of fishing, consumer, and environmental groups have stated Thursday that the first-ever approval of laboratory-created food animal violated laws and ignored risks to wild salmon and fishing communities.A broad coalition of environmental, consumer, and commercial and recreational fishing organizations today sued the U.S. Food and Drug Administration... more


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