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Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 14th, 2016
By SustainablePulse, A testimony to the US House Committee on Agriculture by the President of CropLife America, Jay Vroom, has caused outrage after he successfully pressured the Committee to investigate the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) review of the World’s most used herbicide – glyphosate.In a scandalous testimony on April 27, Biotech industry... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 14th, 2016
By SustaniablePulse,Four Nebraska farmers have stated in a U.S. lawsuit that “despite Monsanto’s claim that its Roundup weed-killer is safe enough to drink” the widely used herbicide gave them non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.Source: www.courthousenews.comThe World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies glyphosate as “probably... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 10th, 2016
By GMWatch,  Gabriela Vázquez of the Spain-based group Ecologistas en Acción explains what could happen in the GMO arena, based on the TTIP documents released so far, if the trade deal passesRecently Greenpeace Netherlands published a series of leaked documents regarding negotiations around TTIP (an international trade agreement between the US and the EU), which have been dubbed “... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 09th, 2016
By SustainablePulse, Glyphosate testing on urine and food products, carried out by the Portuguese No GMO Coalition in cooperation with the Detox Project, has revealed much higher levels of the World’s most used herbicide in Portugal than in other EU countries.There has been a heated political and public debate since the release of the results in Portugal and the state-owned... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 08th, 2016
By SustainablePulse, The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology has launched an investigation into the ‘mistaken’ release of a draft report by the U.S. EPA on the World’s most used herbicide, glyphosate.The EPA ‘mistakenly’ published a draft report online on April 29 by the Cancer Assessment Review Committee (CARC).... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 06th, 2016
By Reuters, A bushel of soybeans are shown on display in the Monsanto research facility in Creve Coeur, Missouri, July 28, 2014.REUTERS/TOM GANNAM Across the U.S. Farm Belt, top grain handlers have banned genetically modified crops that are not approved in all major overseas markets, shaking up a decades-old system that used the world's biggest exporting country as a launchpad for... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 04th, 2016
By TheAfricaReport,   Ghana's peasant farmers have reacted angrily to government's moves to introduce a new law promoting the production of genetically modified seeds and animal breeds without adequate consultations. The farmers say they want the government to suspend the passing of the Plant Breeders Bill until consultations were made on aspects of the proposed law,... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 03rd, 2016
By GMWatch, New study raises concerns about soil health and casts further doubt on doctrine of substantial equivalence for GM Roundup Ready plants, reports Claire RobinsonRoundup is toxic to a soil fungus at doses well below recommended agricultural dilutions, according to a new scientific study published in the journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research.The study was... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 03rd, 2016
By GMWatch, Truth-in-labelling campaign – order your campaign pack now!Monsanto’s toxic chemicals are dangerous for the environment and our health. We have less than a month to kick them out of the EU.Monsanto’s flagship weedkiller, Roundup, is made from a chemical called glyphosate that the World Health Organisation has found to probably cause cancer. Yet its use is now so... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 03rd, 2016
By GMWatch, A study found the same type of omega-3 oils that are engineered into new GM crops make butterflies grow up deformed. Attempts to discredit the study are a mixture of bad science, ‘straw man’ arguments, and outright falsehoods, writes Claire RobinsonThe pro-GMO campaigner Mark Lynas has attacked a scientific study that casts doubt on the ecological safety of... more

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on May 02nd, 2016
By: World Crunch Europeans want to know what's in them.MUNICH — Jack Bobo was on a mission when he entered the windowless meeting room in Washington. The message he delivered this spring was a simple one: Only genetic engineering can heal the rift between agriculture and the environment. But this could only happen if people first began to accept genetic engineering. "The... more


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