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Pesticide Lobby Launches Three-Year Campaign Against Organics

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on July 20, 2010 - 12:01pm

When I read this story, I pictured the characters of Big Ag sitting around the conference table pondering all the possible propaganda they could cook up to make Organics look and sound bad. Guess this is the best they could come up with: organics are to blame for Americans' poor diet. It's a hard sell, especially when all of those delicious veggies are arriving at the farmer's market and my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), One Step at a Time Gardens in Kanawha, Iowa. CSA membership in Iowa and other states are typically SOLD OUT and one has to get to the market early in order to get the coveted produce. Anecdotal evidence, maybe, but they probably should have done their "market" research first.


Nonetheless, the fact that the pesticide lobby is going on the offensive (or defensive?) makes one wonder, could organics be cutting into their bottom line?? Hmmm...

Let the battle begin.


Pesticide Lobby Launches Three-Year Campaign Against Organics

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