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McDonald's: Jumping on the Locavore Bandwagon

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on July 26, 2010 - 1:17pm

Fast Food hypocricy strikes again. Now McDonald's is jumping on the green-washing bandwagon, with a recent announcement of "going local" and even a microsite to bolster their lame Locavore claim. Below is McDonald's "neww" advertising statistic, sited in a recent article on BrandWeek that:

"95 percent of McDonald's fries, 95 percent of Filet-O-Fish fillets, and 85 percent of the apples served in Washington State come from Washington."

Most locavores realize that that is quite a stretch at best as the "local" movement is based more upon lifestyle (eating food that is seasonal, local and supports local and sustainble farmers) than simply upon food proximity, along with the desire to support "mom and pop" owned businesses. However, it is concerning and slightly enraging that most Americans may indeed fall prey to the latest corporate greenwashing and believe the hype. Fortunately, Washington state is known and beloved for it's strong organic and local food awareness and will hopefully cry, "Foul!".

According to this logic, at least 70% of products in "conventional" grocery stores in Iowa could claim "local" ingredients as most everything from Coca-cola to salad dressings and bread contain corn syrup, most of which is grown right here in Iowa. (We're not trying to give anyone any ideas.)

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