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Food Democracy Now! Vows to Take the Fight to Big Ag Now Opposing the Food Safety Modernization Act

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November 18, 2010

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Food Democracy Now! Applauds Tester Amendment Compromise on Food Safety Modernization Act

Pledges to Take the Fight to Big Ag Now Opposing the Bill 


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa –Food Democracy Now!, a national grassroots community of farmers, advocates, and citizens, today announced that in the past 48 hours more than 7,000 members made calls to their Senators asking that they stand up for family farmers and support the proposed Tester amendment to the Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510). Joining dozens of other sustainable agriculture groups from across the country, this last-minute push helped ensure the Food Safety Modernization Act would not unfairly and unjustly hurt locally-based small farms and has drawn the ire of corporate agribusiness. 

The following is a statement from Dave Murphy, executive director of Food Democracy Now!:

“After nearly 18 months of rumors, innuendos and false starts, the Senate has finally heeded our voices and made the right choice to compromise with consumer and agriculture groups and complete one of the most important pieces of food safety legislation in our generation. The compromise guarantees strong provisions protecting small-scale family farmers who sell produce or goods locally to consumers, restaurants or grocery stores and will go a long way in keeping the American consumer safe.

While we are greatly encouraged by the progress on the food safety bill to date, we realize that the fight is still not over. Just this afternoon, on the heels of this historic and necessary compromise, the who's who of the Corporate Mega-Agribusiness have come out against the bill and are lobbying furiously to kill it.

Senators must recognize that this bill is exactly what America needs to keep our food safe and our family farms thriving in the 21st century -- and should reject the attacks on this legislation from Big Ag lobbyists attempting to thwart progress. It’s clear from their attacks on the food safety bill that they are less concerned about consumer safety than maintaining dominate power in an over consolidated industry. I, for one, will continue calling my Senators until the ink is dry on this landmark legislation and I encourage all Americans to join with me.” 


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