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Bombshell Revelation: FDA coverup on GMO Salmon - Act Today!

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on November 9, 2010 - 1:08pm

Salmon PondTell the FDA you want the TRUTH about GMO salmon

Officials at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were recently caught red-handed intentionally hiding a damning report from the public that provided conclusive evidence that genetically modified (GMO) salmon pose a serious threat to endangered Atlantic salmon if accidentally released into the wild.

These FDA officials knowingly withheld a vital 2003 report from two federal agencies that made it “illegal in the U.S.” to grow GMO salmon in “open-water net pens”, according to a press release from the Center for Food Safety.

This revelation is a bombshell. What's even worse is that -- as you're reading this -- a company called AquaBounty is fighting for FDA approval of the first transgenic food animal right now. Yet the U.S. government is hiding the facts from us.

What else are AquaBounty and the FDA not telling us about GMO salmon?

Click below to automatically add your name to the letter to tell the FDA to act on the facts about GMO salmon and reject its approval:

Act today to tell the FDA to reject GMO salmon and demand labeling for all GMO food products, including GMO salmon and all transgenic food animals.

By failing to release this document prior to the September 19th public hearing on AquaBounty’s GMO salmon, the FDA continues an alarming trend that this agency and the U.S. government have engaged in since GMO foods first appeared in the 1990s.

After nearly 20 years of “approving” GMO food products, the FDA is still hiding basic facts about the impacts that GMO foods potentially have on human health and the environment. Previously, the FDA came under fire after the approval process of rBGH in milk when concerns raised by scientists and several independent studies showing harm were also ignored. Such willful deceit not only set the course for future approval of GMOs, but also created a deep-seated mistrust of the FDA’s approval process.

Today, in 2010, neither American citizens nor farmers can afford to allow the public distrust to continue at this critical juncture in reforming our nation’s food system. The U.S. government must get serious about protecting the American public over corporate profits and the imaginary benefits of patented genes.

Tell the FDA to reject GMO salmon and label all GMO foods, especially transgenic food animals.

At the public hearing in September, the FDA’s advisory committee was split in their recommendation to make a decision on GMO salmon, with several committee members criticizing the poor science submitted by AquaBounty and calling upon the FDA to demand more rigorous independent scientific review despite the agency’s previous decision weeks earlier that GMO salmon were “safe” for human consumption.

Perhaps they know something we're not allowed to know?

According to the Federal Biological Opinion issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 2003, the FDA was informed that it was unsafe to raise “transgenic salmon in open-water net pens pursuant to the U.S. Endangered Species Act.”

The report went on to further say that existing scientific studies and “escape reports from the aquaculture industry” indicate that GMO salmon escaping into the wild from open-net pens “were reasonably certain to occur” and the danger these escaped salmon posed to wild Atlantic salmon included the ability to "compete for mates, food [and] nest sites" and that “interbreeding with wild Atlantic salmon will result in genetic modifications to the wild population” that would render “the wild fish less fit for survival.”

Scientific studies show that the release of just 60 GMO salmon could eradicate wild Atlantic salmon populations of 60,000 fish in less than 40 fish generations.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the FDA is back to its old tricks again when it comes to hiding science and approving GMOs, but the Obama administration promised something better when they ran for office and it’s time to demand that they live up to their promises.

Tell the FDA to reject GMO salmon and label all GMO foods, especially transgenic food animals.

Thank you for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and The Food Democracy Now! Team

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