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Join the Farmers March on Wall Street - Dec 4th

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on December 1, 2011 - 4:32am

Join Farmers on Wall Street to reclaim our food from corporate power

Join the Occupation To Create A Better Planet Through Better Food!

 Join us on Sunday December 4th for the Farmers March on Wall Street!

Farmers March on Wall Street, Join us

Join Food Democracy Now! and our allies at Occupy Wall Street as farmers and ranchers from across the U.S. and New York March on Wall Street, the epicenter of a growing movement to reclaim our democracy from out-of-control corporate power.

On Sunday December 4, 2011, hundreds of farmers and food democracy advocates will join Occupy Wall Street to stage a march to take on the corporate power of our food and farming systems.

The march is being hosted by the Food Justice Subgroup of the Occupy Wall Street Sustainable Working Group in an effort to call attention to the gross inequities and inherent degradation caused by industrial agriculture and begin efforts to transform food and agricultural production into ways that are economically sustainable for farmers and farm workers, protect biodiversity and the environment and enrich our citizen’s health and communities.

Please click here to commit to attending the Farmers March, a day of action, dialogue, healing and finding common solutions.  Farmers and ranchers will travel from as far as Colorado, Iowa, Maine and Upstate New York to participate in the Occupy Wall Street Farmers’ March. 



A gathering of farmers, community gardeners, food workers and activists for dialogue, solidarity and solutions to corporate control of our food system.

2:00 PM         Public gathering and panel discussion at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden 632-650 E. 9th Street, (btwn Avenues B & C)

Google map:

4:00 PM          March towards Wall Street! Zuccotti Park (aka Liberty Plaza) b/w Broadway, Trinity Place, Liberty Street and Cedar Street

Google map:

5:00 PM         Circle of Solidarity and Seed Swap at Zuccotti Park

Google map:

Open to the public – we hope that you will come join us in this historic effort to unite rural farmers and urban community gardeners and food justice activists.

Today food and agriculture production is controlled by a handful of agribusiness monopolies that increasingly corrupt the public policies safeguarding our food and the environment. In the past month agribusiness lobbyists have helped stop reforms to food and ag policies in the U.S. that are harmful to America’s health and the survival of family farmers.

At a time when the Obama administration should have been standing up for independent livestock farmers they recently caved on a set of fair livestock rules known as GIPSA. During the same time members of Congress were falling sway to corporate influence as a select few tried to write a Secret Farm Bill behind closed doors even as they dared to scuttle reforms to our children’s school lunch program and eventually declare pizza a vegetable!

If that doesn’t make you want to take to the streets to defend America’s family farmers and our children’s health – what will?

Today farmers need you more than ever and in an effort to reach out to the growing Occupy Wall Street movement farmers and ranchers are traveling from as far as Colorado, Iowa, Maine and Upstate New York to march with you in the Streets to take this country back!

Did you know?

  1. Since 1980 more than 600,000 independent hog farmers and 500,000 cattle producers have been forced out of business.
  2. Today with unfair giant food monopolies, only 4 companies control 84% of beef packing and 66% of pork production.
  3. One company, Monsanto, controls the patents on genetically engineered seeds for corn, cotton, soybeans and sugar beets that are planted on more than 90% of the acres farmed in the U.S.

Here is the location with a link to a Google Map:
To participate in the Occupy Wall Street Farmers March please see details from link below.

Google Map:

Click here to tell us you’re ready to be a part of the solution and find an Occupy event near you. "It’s time to organize and Occupy - I’m in".

PS If you can't make it to an Occupy Wall Street Farmers March, please take a few moments to follow and promote events near you on Facebook and Twitter. It's time to get the word out and every bit helps!

We are committed to this fight now, more than ever - please join us. Together, our voices will create the future we deserve.

Thanks for being a part of the solution and participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! Team


Images provided by Occupy Wall Street Food Justice working group.

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