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Sunday Brunch

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on January 16, 2011 - 11:57am

Sunday mornings for me are a time to catch on the weekly news that I may have missed and also to further my knowledge base on the impending challenges that scientists foresee with regard to climate change and global warming. This past week was a particularly devastating week for thousands around the globe with flooding and mudslides in Queensland, Australia and Brazil. Though experts disagree on the exact causes of these catastrophes resulting from unrelenting and torential rain, there is little question in my mind that we can only continue to expect more or the same - and worse - as the climate changes, warming our earth at an ever accelerating pace.

This morning, the History Channel provided and in-depth look at global warming over the millenia, its impact on the planet, animals, vegetation and humans. As many of us are aware by now, global warming may imply in its namesake a warmer, perhaps more pleasant planet as most of us prefer the warmer temps to the cold, but upon closer study of scientific exploration, it indeed means quite the opposite. The History Channel explores

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