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Join the Right2Know March to Label GMOs: 313 Mile Walk from New York City to the White House

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on September 27, 2011 - 6:50am

The Right2Know March is scheduled for October 1-16, 2011. The march will begin in New York City, gathering participants and speakers along the way, and culminate in Washington D.C at the White House.

Please signup to join us and stay updated on the Right2Know March. Everyone is welcome to walk with us. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical condition, political or non-political background, whether your vegan or omnivore or how fast you walk. We mean EVERYONE is invited to walk the entire or any portion of the march united around the goal of GMO labeling in the US! We only ask that people be responsible for themselves at all times and ideally form small groups of friends who support one another on what will be a challenging 313 mile walk. If you can’t march, you can still get involved in other ways too such as donating in support of the march or providing overnight home stays for marchers if you live along the route.

The GMO Right2Know March will feature daily events between New York and Washington, DC October 1-16 as hundreds of marchers are expected to walk part or all of the 313 miles to the White House. The route and details on daily events can be viewed at

Right2Know March coordinators have road-tested a tree-lined route that will be filled with crimson, citron and sienna foliage. The march will kick off with an event at the United Nations headquarters in New York, and will travel down the East Coast, visiting natural food stores along the way where events will be held to educate citizens on GMOs and labeling. We’ll encounter farmers in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, and in Pennsylvania we’ll pass through the
bio-diverse treasure of Amish country more than once. We’ll march/hike about 20
miles a day with support vehicles in tow that you can drive or ride in. We will arrive at the White House with thousands of people on World Food Day Oct 16. Permits are secured for the park across from the White House and marchers are expected to arrive at President Obama’s home at 2pm and rally into the evening with amazing musicians and speakers!

En route we will be cooking organic non-GMO foods and sampling th regional harvest offerings at natural health food stores. Expect rare varieties of fruits and vegetables, locally made foods, vegan specific options and ethical meats for the Omnivore. And yes, there will be campfires and camaraderie with our non-GMO allies in Europe who inspired and will be joining us.

Here are just a few of the planned events:

  • RALLY – 1 Oct R2K Kick Off Event, 11am–1pm Grand Army Plaza,
    Prospect Park, Brooklyn,NY
  • RALLY – 3 Oct, 10:45-11:45am Autumn Harvest Health Food 1625 East 2nd St, Scotch – Plains, NJ
  • MEET-UP – 3 Oct, 4pm–5pm George Street Coop Natural Foods 89 Morris St, New Brunswick, NJ
  • RALLY – 4 Oct, 2:15-3:15pm Whole Earth Center, 360 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ
  • MEET-UP – 5 Oct, 12:45–1:45pm Big Bear Natural Foods 322, West Trenton Ave #1, Morrisville, PA
  • NON-GMO FOAM RALLY – 6 Oct, 3:35–4:05pm Weavers Way Coop, 559 Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia, PA
  • MEET-UP – 6 Oct, 7:05–8:05pm Mariposa Food Coop 4726
    Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA
  • RALLY – 7 Oct, 12 noon–midnight – The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum, 3819 Hamilton St. Philadelphia, PA
  • MEET-UP – 8 Oct, 11:45–12:45pm Martindale Natural Market 1172 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA
  • MEET-UP – 9 Oct, 10-2pm Newark Farmers Market, Market East Plaza, 280 E. Main Street, Newark, DE
  • RALLY – 13-Oct, 11am–6pm – Maryland Institute College of Art, 1300 W. Mount Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD
  • WORLD FOOD DAY RALLY – 16 Oct, Concluding Rally 12:30pm to 5pm at the White House in Lafayette Park 1600 H Street, NW Washington, DC Marchers estimated to arrive at 1pm. Event to feature Mom’s Panel and conclusion of the march

Are you ready to sign up? Organizing is open to anyone who supports non-violent, peaceful demonstrations. We believe this march will reach a large number of Americans who are completely unaware of the GMO issue – We are going to change that. It is up to us to unite for the right to know what we are eating!

We Will:

  1. Mobilize concerned citizens and organizations to speak with one loud voice on Genetically Engineered foods (GMO).
  2. Raise awareness about the risks of GMO foods and crop production.
  3. Demand the government require labels on foods made from GMO crops.

If you live near the route or any of the rallies, you can download flyers and posters to help advertise the event!

For members not on the East Coast or unable to participate in the March, CFS will be hosting a virtual march and rally to drive comments on mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. Please contact March organizers if you can participate in the march or (check out for details), and stay
tuned for our virtual march starting on October 1st!

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