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Forward Together! Prop 37, GMO Labeling and Building the Food Movement

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on December 23, 2012 - 3:58am

Four years ago I started Food Democracy Now! with a group of friends because I knew there was an urgent need to change the serious problems in our food system. And that the important issues that mattered to family farmers, mothers and the environment weren’t being talked about in any serious way in the mainstream media, in Congress or state capitals across the country.

If you need any reminder of how far we’ve come in the past 4 years, consider that last week the California Secretary of State’s office reported that Prop 37 received more than 6 million votes on November 6th! Remarkably, Yes on 37 to label genetically engineered foods earned 48.6% of the vote. This was only possible with your support.

Despite being outspent nearly 6 to 1, we came within 353,657 votes on election night. This is something that even many of our allies thought was not possible only a few years ago. This year, 30 states across the country will introduce bills to label GMOs and no matter where this happens; we'll be there!

Together we’ve shown we can build a movement to take on the most powerful interests on the planet and with your help we can win in 2013!

Click here to help grow a movement to label GMOs and change the conversation on food, farming and agriculture, because together we’re stronger than ever! When we stand together we can win! Please make a contribution today and remember, every penny counts.

Happy Holidays from Food Democracy Now! because Together We Can Win!

In the past 4 years, with your help, Food Democracy Now! members have:

  • Taken more than 2.5 million actions to help reform our broken food system!
  • Made more than 200,000 phone calls to Congress, the White House, and concerned citizens to stand up for family farmers and the environment.
  • Marched with farmers in New York City, San Francisco, and in front of the White House to support labeling GMOs!

Join Us!

Earlier this week we learned that with your help we’ve stopped the Monsanto biotech riders in the current omnibus spending bills for now, but we know they’ll be back.

And this past Friday, December 21st, even worse than any Mayan prophesy, the Food and Drug Administration came one step closer to approving an untested GMO salmon for human consumption. If approved, AquaBounty’s GMO salmon will be the single greatest threat to the integrity of our food supply and be the first ever genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption.

But, by joining together with thousands of like-minded organizations and individuals, we’ve proven that we can take on the most powerful companies on the planet and we’re not letting up now! With your help, we can win in 2013.

Please join us at Food Democracy Now! for another incredible year to make change possible. With your help, anything is possible!

Click here to help grow a movement to change our food system, because together we’re stronger than ever! Please make a contribution today and remember, every penny counts.

Thank you for contributing what you can today - Together we can win!

Dave Murphy

Founder/Executive Director

Food Democracy Now!

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