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12 Days to Stop Monsanto - Prop 37

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on October 24, 2012 - 3:04pm

Join us to Defeat Monsanto this Fall - Yes on 37 to label GMOs!

Chip in today to help us to take on Monsanto and Giant Food companies to Label GMOs! Help us and our allies raise $2 million in the next 10 days to claim victory this fall!

12 Days to Stop Monsanto  - Join Us for the Food Fight of the Century to Label GMOs!

Yesterday I was honored to stand with mothers, farmers and everyday Californians in front of the Los Angeles City Council to ask for their support for Prop 37 to label GMOs. Incredibly, the LA City Council unanimously passed a resolution to endorse Prop 37, the historic initiative that would give Californians the right to label genetically engineered food. It felt great to win their support!

As the co-chair of the California Right to Know campaign, I was the last person to speak, and I wanted to make one thing clear: the issue of labeling genetically engineered foods is about two things - food and democracy - and in America both are sacred.

We have a right to know what's in our food and no one has the right to corrupt our basic democratic rights, no matter how much money they have.

But right now that's exactly what's happening in California. In the past several weeks Monsanto and DuPont have been running deceptive and misleading ads about Prop 37 to confuse California voters. The bad news is that it's working! Today a poll came out in the Los Angeles Times that puts Yes on 37 slightly ahead at 44% to 42%.

The good news is that Monsanto and their pesticide and junk food coalition have thrown all the lies they can at the Yes on 37 campaign to label GMOs and we're still ahead - and we haven't even started running our TV ads, which start tomorrow, right now we need your help more than ever to get them on the air in as many locations across the state as possible.

This is a historic battle and right now we are in a fight to the finish with only 12 days left.

Chip in $7 dollars to help defeat Monsanto’s bid to stop GMO labeling in California and the U.S. Help make sure that we reach an even wider audience to help defeat the lies and misinformation that Monsanto and their allies are already flooding the airwaves with so we can claim victory this fall.

Heroes and Zeroes of Yes on 37

Last week we put out a Heroes and Zeroes Scorecard on Yes on 37 to let you know exactly who we were up against, and who has your back in this battle.

The other side has raised over $40 million dollars to defeat the labeling of genetically engineered foods in California.

Monsanto alone has put in $7.1 million dollars. DuPont, $4.9 million against California's mothers, children and farmers. The real question is: What do they have to hide? The same companies that are fighting our Right to Know on Prop 37 already label their genetically engineered foods in 61 other countries around the world. Now they say they can't comply in California?

Right now it's close, but Monsanto is running scared and together we can stop them!

The opposition knows one thing - that lying and deception works. After all, they did it for decades, whether it was covering up the harm to human health of cigarettes, Agent Orange or DDT.

This fall, Californians will go to the ballot box to vote on one of the single most important issues of our time – whether or not we have a Right to Know what’s in our food or if corporations have control over our basic democratic rights.

This fight is an epic battle of the People vs. the multinational Corporations, as you will see below. Thousands of individuals have contributed to this campaign, and with your help, Food Democracy Action! has contributed $75,000. Thank you to all those that donated! But we can't stop there. We won't meet their measure in funds, and we don't need to. But we do need to get our ads on the air to combat their lies and deception. It’s for the heart and soul of America and we need your help today.

Heroes and Zeroes

As you can see Monsanto has already funneled $7.1 million dollars to defeat California’s Prop 37 to label genetically engineered foods, joined by the largest multinational pesticide and Big Food companies. Monsanto and friends have only one goal – denying you the Right to Know what’s in your food - and they're willing to tell any lie to get it done.

The Heroes of this movement and of Prop 37 are moms, dads, farmers, activists, organic companies and everyday people who have had enough and are standing up for their rights and that of future generations.

Will you please stand with them? Remember, as California goes, so goes the nation.

Chip in $7 dollars or whatever you can to help defeat Monsanto’s bid to stop GMO labeling in California and the U.S. We now know that they’ll go to any length to defeat us.

Now help spread the word!

With your help we can expose their lies to California voters and celebrate a victory in just 12 days!

Chip in today to help defeat Monsanto’s bid to silence GMO labeling in California and the U.S. - It's time to fight back!

Thank you for contributing what you can today - Together we can win!

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Action! Team

P.S. All money raised for this campaign will go through Food Democracy Action!, a 501(c)4 allied organization of Food Democracy Now!, focused on grassroots lobbying and legislative action. Donations are not tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!

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