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The Monsanto Deception

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on October 5, 2012 - 8:57am

Join us to Defeat Monsanto this Fall - Yes on 37 to label GMOs!


Chip in today to help us to take on Monsanto and Giant Food companies to Label GMOs and claim victory this fall.

Help us Stop Monsanto this fall - Join Us for the Food Fight of the Century to Label GMOs!

You might think that because 90 percent of Americans want genetically engineered foods labeled that corporations and our government would respect the wishes of the American people. But of course, only here in America, you'd be wrong.

Despite already labeling GMOs in 50 other countries around the world, the coalition of chemical, junk food and biotech companies are flooding the airwaves in California with lies to mislead voters about Yes on 37, the simple ballot measure to label genetically engineered foods.

Leading the charge against your right to know what's in your food is biotech seed and chemical giant Monsanto that believes that any lie is OK to tell as long as they can keep Americans in the dark about what they're buying and feeding their families. What do they have to hide?

With your help we can expose their lies to California voters.

Chip in to defeat the lies and misinformation that Monsanto and their allies are already flooding the airwaves with and claim victory this fall

As Food Democracy Now! reported last week, the opposition has raised more than $34 million dollars to unleash a flood of lies and their deceptive ads have already started this week.

Unfortunately, reports from Bay area viewers have confirmed that during the first Presidential debate the opposition ran an ad featuring a pro-biotech "scientist" from Stanford University to misrepresent the facts about Prop 37. The Stanford "scientist" in question is no everyday scientist, but biotech ideologue Henry I. Miller of the radical right-wing Hoover Institute. In what seems to be no coincidence, Henry I. Miller also happens to be the founding director of the FDA's Office of Biotechnology, which he ran from 1989 to 1994.

For the past 20 years Americans have been kept in the dark because of a politically engineered loophole that former Monsanto lobbyist Michael Taylor - now back at the FDA as Food Safety Czar - and biotech "scientist" Henry I. Miller helped implement despite the continued objections of other FDA scientists.

Even worse, Miller is literally a “founding member” the scientific club to distort and manipulate science for corporate gain over human health, including his involvement in a Philip Morris backed front group that worked to discredit links between tobacco and cancer. Miller’s love of big tobacco went so far, he wrote key PR memos recommending how Phillip Morris could stop tobacco regulations worldwide. Tragically, this same morally bankrupt “scientist” was once in charge vouching for food safety at the FDA!

Now, once again, Monsanto is using Miller and his affiliation with Stanford University as a front man for their lies to California voters. This is an outrage!

Chip in here to help defeat Monsanto’s lies in California. We can't allow them to get away with it.

Monsanto has already funneled $7.1 million dollars to defeat California’s Prop 37 to label genetically engineered foods. Monsanto has only one goal – denying you the Right to Know what’s in your food - and they're willing to tell any lie to get it done.

Already, Monsanto, DuPont, Coke, Pepsi and Nestle's deceptive and misleading ads are running on the air in California. The problem is, the opposition knows that lying and deception works. After all, they did it for decades, whether it was covering up the harm to human health with cigarettes, Agent Orange or DDT.

It's outrageous that these same giant food corporations that are telling lies here in the U.S. to stop Prop 37 already label those same products in 50 other countries around the world!

With your help, we will win in November.

I think we deserve this right, don't you? Please join us in defeating this biotech Goliath and make GMO labeling a reality with me today. Time is running short.

Chip in today to help defeat Monsanto’s bid to silence GMO labeling in California and the U.S. - It's time to fight back!

Thank you for contributing what you can today - Together we can win!

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Action! Team

P.S. All money raised for this campaign will go through Food Democracy Action!, a 501(c)4 allied organization of Food Democracy Now!, focused on grassroots lobbying and legislative action. Donations are not tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!


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