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Yes on 522 - Volunteer to Win GMO Labeling in Washington State!

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on August 27, 2013 - 7:51am

We Need YOU Today To Help WIN Yes on 522 to Label GMOs! Join us to Volunteer for Yes on 522!

Join the Yes on 522 Volunteer Training Call - this Thursday, Aug. 29th - at 7pm PST!

Help turn the Tide to Stop Monsanto & friends - Join us to win the Food Fight of the century!

In just two months, the people of Washington State will go to the polls to pass a ballot initiative on GMO labeling. The fight to win Yes on 522 is a critical battle for GMO labeling in the U.S. and will have an impact in all 50 states.

Right now we need volunteers from all 50 states to reach out to Washington voters to let them know how important their vote is.

Join us to build the most powerful grassroots army that Monsanto and the biotech bullies have ever seen.

Please volunteer to help get the word out to Washington State voters and sign up for a quick training session on how you can become a volunteer phone banker.

By signing up to receive this incredible training, you can help the Yes on 522 campaign needs your help to reach key voters and spread the word about the importance of GMO labeling in Washington. All you need is a phone and Internet. You can even do it in your pajamas!

The first training session is this Thursday, August 29th at 7 p.m. PST and will last about 30 minutes. Please sign up today to volunteer for Yes on 522 and important trainings that will take place this week and in September.

We need your help now to make sure we can get the vote out in November!

Click here to sign up as a volunteer and participate in our exclusive training. The training is Thursday, August 29th at 7pm and will last about 30 minutes.

The I-522 Ballot initiative is simple, it will inform shoppers whether their food has been genetically engineered in a laboratory or not and it has Monsanto, DuPont and the junk food companies running scared.

Already the Yes on 522 campaign is drawing the same misleading attack ads that took down Prop 37 in California.

But we can keep their misinformation campaign from working by talking to voters about why labels matter. With your help, we won’t let what happened in California happen again.

Talking to voters will be key to passing labeling in Washington State and putting some serious momentum behind this critical national movement.

Together we know we can overcome the opposition’s dirty money campaign - help put us over the top by making a call for GMO labeling today!

Here's to victory!

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Action! Team

Food Democracy Action! is a 501(c)4 allied organization of Food Democracy Now!, focused on grassroots lobbying and legislative action. Donations are not tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!

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