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Urgent: Tell New Hampshire to Label GMOs!

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on December 21, 2013 - 5:34am

Tell New Hampshire: "I support GMO labeling!" - Don't let Monsanto stop GMO labeling in New Hampshire!

Tell New Hampshire - I want GMO labeling now It's time to stand up for your rights - Live Free and Label GMOs!

The fight for GMO Labeling in New Hampshire needs your help today!

Right now Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA—Big Foods Lobbyist) are spending thousands of dollars in New Hampshire to influence our Legislature. They may control the seeds and the studies, but with GMO labeling we can make our own decisions about what is best for our families.

Please call your representative today!

We want the right to know what is in our food!

Click on to find your legislator today. There may be a few in your area. Please call them all!

Ask your representative to

support the amended version of HB 660:

  • GMO Labeling Around the World. Right now 64 countries representing over half of the world's population require labeling of food which originates from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or genetic engineering (GE).
  • The Amended HB 660 Meets the World Standard.  New Hampshire's amended version of HB 660 closely matches legislation overwhelmingly passed in 2013 in Connecticut and Maine.  The concept in this New England legislation mirrors the world standard.
  • New Hampshire Won't Go It Alone.  Consistent with the "Trigger Mechanism" common to the GMO label legislation in Connecticut and Maine, HB 660 will not take effect until four other Northeastern States pass similar legislation.
  • HB 660 Will Pass Constitutional Challenge.  The language in New Hampshire's HB 660 has been reviewed by legal and constitutional experts who remain confident that should it be challenged in court, it will stand up to constitutional scrutiny.
  • Right-to-Know is a Basic Consumer Right.  HB 660 is a consumer rights bill aimed at providing simple label transparency to New Hampshire citizens.  It doesn't make a judgment as to whether GMOs are good or bad - it just requires food manufacturers to be honest and let citizens know whether a food is the result of genetic engineering.
  • GMO Labeling Costs Will NOT Cause Food Price Increases.  Food corporations already regularly change their labels for marketing reasons. Practical GMO labeling experience worldwide, as well as university studies prove that mandatory GMO labeling, will NOT affect the price consumers pay for food. 
  • No Scientific Consensus on Safety of GMOs.  Despite continued claims from Monsanto and the biotech industry, significant disagreement within the scientific community remains about the safety of genetically engineered crops and their accompanying pesticides, such as the popular weedkiller Roundup. Earlier this year more than 300 scientists signed a declaration stating No scientific consensus on GMO safety.

According to a scientific poll conducted this fall, 90 % of New Hampshire voters support their right to know about GMO food.

Please call your representative today and let them know you want your right to make your own informed choices.

See for more information.

This is New Hampshire, and

It's Your Right to Know.

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Action! team

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