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GMO OMG: The Movie that Monsanto Doesn't Want You to See!

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on December 6, 2013 - 8:43am

What happens when a father makes a movie investigating where the food he feeds his children comes from? Well, if the film covers seeds, farmers, genetic engineering and Monsanto, then the 12 billion dollar biotech seed and chemical giant based in St. Louis launches a PR campaign to smear the film and discredit the messenger.

The good news is the director of the groundbreaking film GMO OMG is undeterred and is coming to St. Louis to show his film this week and hoping to engage in a civil dialogue with Monsanto employees.

We hope that you’ll be able to attend and even have a chance to rub shoulders with Monsanto employees, whom the director and producers are inviting to come for free!

GMO OMG is a must see film that explores the implications of genetically engineered foods and what it means when a company like Monsanto, with its controversial history of promoting highly toxic chemicals, controls a large portion of the world’s seed supply and our food and what it means for our global food supply.

Click here to purchase tickets in advance: I'm going to GMO OMG!

If you haven’t seen it, you’ll be incredibly surprised by the thoughtfulness and beauty of the film. Please attend on Friday, December 6th, you’ll get to meet GMO OMG director Jeremy Seifert, producer Josh Kanua and founder of Food Democracy Now!, Dave Murphy, who will appear on a panel discussion after the film to discuss GMOs and the growing GMO labeling movement in the U.S.

Please take a moment to read the filmmaker's invitation to Monsanto employees to see GMO OMG below:

Dear Hugh Grant and All Monsanto Employees,

Since the release of our film, GMO OMG, we have witnessed a handful of scathing reports about the film from pro-GMO authors. Unfortunately, Monsanto itself took to social media and began attacking the film by posting these negative articles over and over again, most likely without ever actually seeing the film!

Therefore, the GMO OMG filmmakers would like to invite any Monsanto employees to the St. Louis premiere of the film on the opening night, Friday December 6th free of charge. The topic of GMOs is a highly contentious issue with most people divided right down the middle, but 90% in support of labeling. It’s time for all of us to think more about our food and how it impacts the environment and our health. We admire your desire to solve world hunger and poverty, and as one of the leaders in GMO technology and distribution here and around the globe, you benefit from their proliferation and have great influence on American agriculture policy and decisions at every level. Because we all care about the health and welfare of this planet, we wanted to open a dialogue with Monsanto and your employees - so you can see our movie and we can discuss the future of our food.



*GMO OMG will be screening December 6th through 12th at AMC Chesterfield 14
291 Chesterfield Mall
Chesterfield, MO 63107

All screenings and show times are open to the public and tickets can be purchased starting the week of December 6th at Fandango:

*All Monsanto employees that wish to attend the opening night screening on December 6th are asked to email GMO OMG directly to RSVP at or present your employee identification at the box office. A limited number of tickets for Monsanto employees will be placed on hold and if they are not redeemed within 20 minutes of the screening, will be released for sale to the general public.

Click here to purchase tickets for Dec. 6th screenings:

4:45 pm , 7:05 pm, 10:35 pm

Click here to purchase tickets for Dec. 7th screenings:

10:05am, 12:15pm, 4:45 pm , 7:05 pm, 10:35 pm

Click here to purchase tickets for Dec. 8th screenings

10:05am, 12:15pm, 4:45 pm , 7:05 pm

Click here to purchase tickets for Dec. 9th screenings:

2:20pm, 4:45 pm , 7:05 pm

Click here to purchase tickets for Dec. 10th screenings:

2:20pm, 4:45 pm , 7:05 pm

Click here to purchase tickets for Dec. 11th screenings:

2:20pm, 4:45 pm , 7:05 pm

Click here to purchase tickets for Dec. 12th screenings:

2:20pm, 4:45 pm , 7:05 pm

Thanks for participating in food democracy and look forward to seeing you there!

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

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