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Tell Hershey's to Kiss Monsanto Goodbye!

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on February 14, 2013 - 10:25am

Tell Hershey's to dump Monsanto and support GMO labeling in America!

Tell Hershey's to Kiss Monsanto Goodbye! It's time to End Hershey's GMO loving ways!

It’s that time of year again!

Today is the day for love, romance and making long lasting memories. OK, that’s our hopeful side!

It’s also the day where once again giant corporations try to enrich themselves by encouraging Americans to consume endless amounts of sugary sweets.

No company is more guilty of this than Hershey’s, the chocolate manufacturer who sells a gazillion chocolate Kisses around Valentine’s Day, sending the message that Hershey’s is a wholesome, American company, simply promoting love and romance.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Last fall, while California voters were trying to support their basic right to label genetically engineered foods, the Hershey Company, the nation’s largest chocolate-maker, contributed $519,000 to defeat Prop 37 and your Right to Know what’s in your food alongside Monsanto, the world's largest biotech seed company, who dumped in $8.1 million to stifle democracy and transparency.

This Valentine’s Day, join Food Democracy Now! to dump Hershey’s chocolate until they agree to dump GMOs in their chocolates sold in America.

Tell Hershey's to Kiss Monsanto Goodbye! It's time to celebrate Valentine's Day with integrity, dump Hershey's GMO loving Chocolates today! Every voice counts.

If you’re uncertain why Hershey’s chose to climb into bed with Monsanto to defeat GMO labeling, consider the fact that Hershey’s Kisses are chock full of GMOs! As are the rest of their chocolates sold in America.

Does Hershey’s really think it’s OK to keep Americans in the dark about the genetically engineered ingredients that they peddle to Americans every day?

As an avid chocolate lover, you might feel even more betrayed to find out that Hershey’s would donate their corporate profits to defeat your Right to Know what’s in your food, even when they source organic and non-GMO ingredients in their chocolates sold in foreign countries.

That’s right, Hershey’s goes GMO free in Europe, but keeps peddling GMOs in America - and doesn't think you have a right to know about it!

In a 2010 email from Asda, a leading British grocery store to the Soil Association, the store’s Head of Corporate Sustainability explains how Hershey’s gladly removed GMO ingredients for their chocolates sold in England.

According to the email from Julian Walker-Palin in Asda’s Corporate Affairs office:

“The key ingredients which have been re-formulated from non-GM sources include changing the sugar source from beet to cane sugar and using IP soy lecithin. In addition to this the transportation and storage have been confirmed also as GM-free or cleaned before use with these products.

We took this decision based on our belief that customers in the UK do not currently wish to see GM ingredients in these products.”

So it’s clear that Hershey’s can satisfy their customer’s sweet tooths without GMOs over in England, but for some reason think it’s fine to continue to keep Americans in the dark - and continue to feed them GMOs!

If you want to let Hershey's know that you find this appalling, click here to send them a message - then tell all of your friends to do the same in an artsy, Valentine fashion by sharing this graphic with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. They'll thank you for it someday!

Tell Hershey to Kiss Monsanto Goodbye! It's time that Hershey's make their chocolate with integrity - Every voice counts!

This Valentine's Day and beyond, avoid these Hershey’s Top Chocolate Products: Hershey’s chocolate bars, Reese’s, Hershey Kisses, Nutrageous, 5th Avenue, Almond Joy, Caramello, Heath, Kit Kat, Mounds, Mr. Goodbar, Rolo, Symphony, Take5, Whatchamacallit, York and Dagoba.

And while you might think you're doing the world some good by eating Dagoba's organic chocolate, think again. Dagoba tastes great but they're owned by Hershey's and earned a place on our "Chocolates to Avoid" List! 

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

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