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Tell Naked Juice to Get Serious About Honest Labeling!

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on July 25, 2013 - 1:52am

Accurate labeling is a fundamental right for consumers!

Tell the courts to protect consumers from deceptive labeling!


Did you know that Naked Juice has been putting synthetically produced ingredients, such as calcium pantothenate (synthetically produced from formaldehyde) and genetically engineered ingredients, into its “all natural” juices?

Thanks to a landmark legal victory for American consumers last week, this is all going to change. 

Naked Juice and its parent company PepsiCo have agreed to settle a very important class action lawsuit, which accused the company of deceptive labeling, and they will now remove the “all natural” label from their juices. The case is not settled though - a court must review the settlement and make sure it is fair to the classs. And it's not. 

However, you haven’t been told the entire story.......

Naked and PepsiCo have cut very questionable deals with the plaintiffs' lawyers to minimize the amount of media exposure of this case – all to protect the Naked Juice brand and shortchange consumers.

If that weren’t enough, they don’t want to name non-profit organizations who work to promote transparent labeling (a requirement of the law) as beneficiaries of any unclaimed funds.

Tell Naked Juice that we want and deserve the Naked truth and need the courts to appoint appropriate groups, such as Food Democracy Now!, as the beneficiary of any unclaimed funds, so accurate labeling can be pursued!

Click here to sign our petition to Naked Juice and PepsiCo CEOs. A copy of your letter will be given to the Court in LA on Monday morning. We need every voice!

We know that Naked Juice and PepsiCo don’t want real groups fighting for honest labeling to be a part of the settlement and are stonewalling these efforts.  So, here’s where we need your help.

One of the plaintiffs and her attorneys have petitioned the court to appoint non-profit groups that fight false labels on our foods to be the beneficiary of these unclaimed funds. This court hearing is only a few days away and we have a unique opportunity to have your voice of support heard by the courts.

This could potentially result in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for our efforts to achieve transparency and truth in labeling, giving us the needed resources to fight the companies, such as PepsiCo who are trying to stop your right to know.

Food Democracy Now! is active in state labeling efforts across the country and we’re committed to your Right to Know and a fair and honest food system. But let’s face it, resources are limited and you can help us get the funding we need to win these important battles by simply adding your name today!

Tell the courts to appoint appropriate groups, such as Food Democracy Now!, as the beneficiary of any unclaimed funds, to help us win!

Even though it is a big win for consumers that Naked Juice is removing the “All Natural” claims on its products, the terms of this settlement show that the company isn’t 100% committed to accurate labeling.

After all, should we be surprised?


PepsiCo, Naked Juice’s parent company, donated $2.5 million to defeat last year’s Proposition 37, California’s GMO-labeling ballot initiative.

It is time that major food companies be held accountable for their actions and truly commit to accurate labeling.

Join Food Democracy Now! and tell the Naked Juice and PepsiCo CEOs that accurate labeling of food products is our fundamental right and must be pursued!

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

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