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Stop Monsanto's GMO Lie Machine

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on July 31, 2013 - 4:35am

Tell Monsanto - It's time to Label GMOs!

For the next 72 hours your gift will be matched by $2!  For every dollar we raise, two more will go toward GMO labeling!

Monsanto and the biotech industry just launched a new anti-GMO labeling website to defeat us - Help us fight back to defeat Monsanto's GMO lie machine!

Last night I received a disturbing phone call. It was from a source in DC telling me a large PR firm dedicates over 50 staff fulltime to the Monsanto account - and it’s going to get worse. Yesterday Monsanto and the biotech bullies launched a new website dedicated to misinforming the public and disseminating pro-GMO propaganda full time to the media.

For years, Monsanto and the biotech industry have retained the best PR firms on the planet to promote their lies in the media, but now, because of the growing GMO labeling movement, they’ve been forced to come out into the open.

Only a year ago, Monsanto thought they had us beat, but we’ve refused to give up. The one thing that Monsanto and their gang of biotech bullies fear the most is the Truth. Make no doubt about it, this new website is an anti-GMO labeling ploy to once again deceive the American public and the media.

Right now the battle for GMO labeling is heating up in Washington State and other states around the country and we need your help to make sure voters hear the Truth over Monsanto’s lies. Fortunately, we’ve got some angels on our side.

In the next 72 hours, Food Democracy Now! needs your help to raise $50,000 to make sure we can defeat Monsanto’s lies - two generous donors have pledged $50,000 each to match those funds to help us win GMO labeling, including Yes on 522 in Washington state.

Donate right now so we can stop Monsanto’s propaganda machine cold in Washington State and your pledge will be Tripled by 2 generous donors who want to see us win the fight for GMO labeling! It’s time that Americans have the right to know what Monsanto is feeding us! Every dollar counts!

Last year Monsanto helped lead the charge to defeat Prop 37 in California by donating $8.1 million to stop the American public from knowing what’s in our food! In total, the chemical and junk food companies spent more than $46 million to kill GMO labeling with dishonest TV and radio ads to deceive California voters.

We came close to winning in California, but because of their lies, money and ads they were able to defeat us last November. We’ve had some incredible victories with GMO labeling bills passing in Connecticut and Maine just last month, but we need to win Yes on 522 in Washington and other states to keep the momentum going!

We know that we can never match the billions of dollars that Monsanto and the biotech companies have at their disposal, but we have something stronger – YOU and the TRUTH!

Using our power in numbers is the only way we can take on Monsanto, and the rest of big ag. That’s why we need all 650,000 of us to each chip in a little bit today to help us keep the lights on. Click here to stand with us in our fight by making your small contribution:

The other side won't rest. They have billions of dollars to stop every reform we want - and they work day and night with stadiums full of lobbyists to spread their propaganda to the American public and elected officials. 

Each time they try, we need to be there to stop them. To trump corporate influence with people power, to expose their lies and propaganda for what it is, and show politicians that we will hold them accountable - as we've already done together on GMOs, corrupt corporate science and the Monsanto Protection Act and more in the past.

Monsanto and the biotech industry has never faced this before - people power at its finest, with thousands of everyday citizens chipping in a small amount to make a sum total far greater than its parts, motivated not by greed but by moral duty. But to be out there effectively at a moment's notice - on the streets, in the press, on the web, in the Capitol - this time we need you to vote with your wallet in whatever amount you can afford:

Monsanto has all the lobbyists, spin doctors, industry 'scientists' and lawyers they need to force farmers off their land and keep their monopoly over our food system. Us? We've got each other. Each of us chipping in what we can afford can create campaigns that rival Monsanto and others' influence and hold them accountable.

This power in numbers has them running scared - why do you think they need 50 PR staff? That's why I'm asking you to exercise that power today by chipping in what you can to stand up to Monsanto and the biotech industry’s lies.

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

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