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Food Democracy Now! Slams Supreme Court Ruling on Monsanto’s GMO Seed Patents

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on May 13, 2013 - 10:19am
FDN! Founder Says Government is Complicit in Corporate Takeover of Nation’s Food Supply
Dave Murphy, Executive Director and founder of Food Democracy Now! on today’s Supreme Court ruling in Bowman vs. Monsanto that farmers could not use Monsanto’s patented genetically-engineered soybeans to create new seeds without paying a fee:
“Today, the Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the corporate takeover of our food supply, in a huge win for Monsanto, and a major loss for America’s farmers and consumers.  Monsanto has long engaged in an effort to subvert family farmers that do not use their genetically-engineered seeds and the Court has now handed corporations even more control over what our families eat.   
Currently, Food Democracy Now! is a co-plaintiff in a lawsuit in the District Court of Appeals, Organic Seed Associations et Al. v Monsanto to protect America’s farmers from unwanted contamination of their crops by Monsanto’s patented genetically-engineered plants. Our nation’s family farmers grow our food on farms where cross-pollination between organic, non-GMO crops and Monsanto's genetically-engineered patented crops is regular and naturally-occurring process. 
The Court’s decision to give Monsanto the power to control the future harvest of America’s family farmers and our county’s food supply is deeply troubling, immoral and a very bad sign for the future of our nation’s food.”
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