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Tell NH to Label GMOs - Important Committee Meeting!

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on October 14, 2013 - 7:18am

Tell New Hampshire: "I support GMO labeling!" - Don't let Monsanto stop GMO labeling in New Hampshire!

Tell New Hampshire - I want GMO labeling now It's time to stand up for your rights - Live Free and Label GMOs!

Since August, legislators in the New Hampshire House Environment and Agriculture Subcommittee have been meeting every week to study whether or not to require mandatory labeling of foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients. We think they should!

Tomorrow there’s an important committee hearing about HB 660, a GMO labeling bill in New Hampshire and we need you to make urgent calls to members of the Agriculture Subcommittee to make sure you’re voice is being heard.

Already, Monsanto and biotech front groups have started generating robocalls across the state attempting to mislead citizens and legislators about what GMO labeling would really mean.

Make a CALL TODAY to let these elected officials know you support HB 660 to require GMO labeling!

1.    Peter Bixby (D- Sub-Committee Chair-Cheshire - Dist 1, Dover) (603) 749-5659
2.    Scott Burns (D- Merrimack Dist. 2, Franklin) (603) 203-7727
3.    Alan Turcotte (D- Merrimack Dist. 22, Allenstown) (603) 485-2349
4.    Wayne Moynihan (D-Committee V-Chair, Coos Dist. 2, Dummer) (603) 449-2058
5.    Bob Haefner (R-Hillsborough Dist. 37, Hudson) (603) 889-1553
6.    Jane Johnson (R-Cheshire Dist. 12, Swanzey) (603) 352-4057
7.    Linda Lauer (D -Grafton Dist. 15, Bath) (603) 747-4001
8.    Tara Sad (D-Committee Chair- Cheshire Dist 1, Walpole) (603) 756-4861
9.    Lisa Whittermore (D-Rockingham Dist. 5, Londonderry) (603) 434-0382

After you make these important calls, please contact your elected official below!

For years, activists across New Hampshire have been working hard to introduce reasonable legislation that would give this basic information to consumers about their food.

Click here if you think you have a Right to Know what's in your food! Join Food Democracy Now! in telling your elected officials that you care about GMO labeling and want to see them act immediately to pass this bill into law. Every voice counts!

Support GMO Labeling - HB 660

In January, HB 660 a bill "Requiring Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods & Agricultural Commodities,” was introduced to the New Hampshire State legislature and assigned to the House Environment & Agricultural Commodities Committee. HB 660 was introduced by Representative Maureen Mann and co-sponsors include Linda Massimilla, Robert Perry, Suzanne Smith, and Ian Raymond. The bill has assigned to a Subcommittee and the Subcommittee is about to begin their work. 

Make sure to let your elected official know that you support GMO labeling and want New Hampshire to lead the way!

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

At Food Democracy Now!, we're working with activists on the ground in New Hampshire at NOFA-New Hampshire and New Hampshire Right to Know GMO to pass a solid bill on GMO labeling to protect your future.

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