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Save Our Seeds: Stop SB 633

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on September 26, 2013 - 4:59am

Join America's Farmers to stop SB 633 - Oregon's Monsanto Protection Act and keep seeds in the hands of family farmers!

Join us to stop GMO contamination and protect the future of organic seeds today!

VOTE TODAY - Tell Oregon to Stop SB 633!

We are writing you to press this urgent matter that threatens not only America’s family farmers, but also the future survival of organic seeds.

Last night we got the great news that Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) removed the Monsanto Protection Act, Section 735, from the Continuing Resolution. It's not over yet, but this is an incredible victory for everyone who raised their voice against this outrage in Congress, now we have to keep to working!

While we’ve been fighting the Monsanto Protection Act in Washington DC this week, Monsanto and the biotech industry have been trying to slip a similar corporate loophole in a must pass special session budget bill in Oregon state that will protect the interests of Monsanto, Syngenta and biotech seed companies at the expense of the world’s organic seed supply.

Today, September 26, the Oregon State Legislature is having a special session on SB 633 where family farmers throughout Oregon will being voicing their opposition to this sneak attack on their farms, their economic livelihoods, their way of life and the future integrity and survival of organic and non-GMO seed.

We are asking for family farmers to sign on to this letter to be delivered to the Governor’s office and members of the Oregon legislature during the special session this afternoon and also to have individual citizens to sign this letter as well.

Current efforts to sneak SB 633, a seed pre-emption bill, into legislation pertaining to public pension cuts and new state tax increases in Oregon state, threatens to undermine the future economic survival of all family farmers, not just those in Oregon, an erode the rights of local elected officials to make decisions appropriate to their local communities.

Your call could make the difference on this vote!

1. If you are a farmer, own a farm or run a farm organization, click here to add your name to a sign-on letter to stop SB 633 and stand up to protect the future integrity of organic seeds.

2. If you are not a farmer, but support America’s family farmers and want to protect the future of our food supply and integrity of our seed, please join to sign this letter in support of farmers in Oregon and every where who work to grow our food.

3. After you take action, consider giving the Governor John Kitzhaber a call to let his office know you strongly oppose SB 633 - tell Oregon it's time to protect family farmers not biotech seed and pesticide companies.

Governor Kitzhaber's office phone  number - 503-378-4582.


After you sign the letter, please pass this on to 3 friends who care about this issue so we can broaden our impact.

Why Standing up for Seed Integrity to Stop SB 633 is Important!

Seed is not only the foundation of agriculture and our food supply, but also civilization and our democracy. Without access to pure, safe high-quality seeds family farmers cannot adequately meet the challenges of growing food for our nation and a growing world population, but cannot protect their own economic livelihoods.

SB 633 is a poorly written bill that not only strips local control of decisions on seeds and agriculture production, but also has broad ranging negative impacts overriding local ordinances that regulate fruit and even Christmas trees.

Farmers across the U.S. are recognizing SB 633 to be a threat to all farms and our common seed heritage. If you are a farmer, own a farm or have an organization that represents the best interests of independent family farmers, Oregon farmers Need You today.

Potential Negative Impacts of SB 633

SB 633 is so poorly written that legal experts say it could negatively impact dozens of local Oregon laws just placate Monsanto, Syngenta and agribusiness giants at the expense of democracy and Oregon’s family farmers.

  • SB 633 may impact local public health authorities regulations related to health and safety for food handlers, restaurants, mobile food units, and temporary restaurants.
  • A Jackson County ordinance regulating agricultural produce stands in rural residential areas.
  • Multiple City of Portland plant lists that apply to landscaping required by the zoning code; nuisance and prohibited plant lists.
  • A Multnomah County resolution authorizing the Multnomah County “Hope Garden” and encouraging the production of community--‐grown food
  • Lane County Economic Development funding to purchase equipment for food storage and local grain mill to provide networking resources for developing local food infrastructure and food storage, and by increasing distribution opportunities and consumer education.

Thanks again for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

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