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Tell New York to Label GMOs!

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on April 22, 2014 - 8:30am

Tell New York: "I support GMO labeling!"

Join us - Make GMO labeling the law in New York

Tell New York - I want GMO labeling now!

Last week the Vermont Senate passed the first no-string attached GMO labeling bill in the U.S. by a vote of 28 to 2 and we need your help to make sure that elected officials in the New York Assembly hear loud and clear that New Yorkers believe that genetically engineered foods should be labeled too.

Click here if you think you have a Right to Know what's in your food! Join Food Democracy Now! in telling your elected officials that you care about GMO labeling and want to see them act immediately to pass a bill into law. Every voice counts!

For the past 2 years, activists in New York have worked heroically to pass a GMO labeling bill over the objections of Monsanto and chemical company lobbyists who want to hide their genetically engineered products in your food. And today, we need your help to tell your Assemblymembers and Senators NOW is the time to pass a strong GMO labeling bill in New York.

Currently 2 bills have been introduced in the New York legislature, Assembly Bill A 3525 and Senate Bill S 3835 to require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods.

At the moment, A 3525 is currently stuck in the Consumer Affairs and Protection Committee and we need your help to get the ball rolling before the session ends!

1. Send a letter to your Assemblymember, Senator and Governor Cuomo, telling them it's time for New York to lead the way on GMO labeling!

2. Call these members of the Consumer Affairs and Protection Committee and the Assembly Speaker Silver and tell them to support GMO labeling!

Michaelle Solages

Edward Hennessey

David Buchwald

Sheldon Silver (Assembly Speaker)

3. If you live near New York City, consider joining GMO Free NY and their allies to attend a rally in front of Assemblyman David Buchwald of Westchester County (District 93) home office at 125-131 East Main Street Suite 204 Mount Kisco, NY 10549.

Right now we need your help to make sure these GMO labeling bills pass over the objections of the biotech industry.

In the past 2 years alone the largest chemical and junk food companies in the world, Monsanto, DuPont, Pepsi, Coke, Kraft and General Mills, have spent at least $70 million to kill GMO labeling ballot initiatives in California and Washington — all in the name of preventing us from making informed decisions at the grocery store!

But a recent New York Times poll showed 93% of Americans want GMOs labeled. And 64 countries around the world -- including the EU, China, Russia, and Japan – already have strong GMO labeling laws. Over one-half of the world's population has the right to know what's in their food but not citizens of the United States. It's time for this to change!

Tell your friends and elected officials that you have a Right to Know - pass a GMO labeling bill and help New York lead the way! Every voice counts!

If passed, New York would become the fourth state in the U.S. to require mandatory labeling of GMOs in our food. The issue of labeling has never been more important!

Remember, democracy is like a muscle... either use or lose it!

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

At Food Democracy Now!, we're working with activists on the ground in New York to pass a solid bill on GMO labeling to protect your future. Please join the grassroots movement, GMO Free NY to win your right to know what's in your food.

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