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Take the Monsanto Stock Plunge - Divest Monsanto Now!

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on April 9, 2014 - 5:40am

Tell Wall Street it's time to sell Monsanto!

Take the Monsanto Stock Plunge - Divest Monsanto Now!

Take the Monsanto stock plunge - tell Wall Street to Dump Monsanto!

For years, despite its devilish reputation, Monsanto has been the darling of Wall Street, but that's about to change!

You might think that Monsanto became evil all on its own, but you'd be surprised to see who’s been helping Monsanto get ahead on Wall Street. If you’re not careful – it could be you!

If you support GMO labeling, eat organic food and avoid GMOs in your diet as much as possible, you might be surprised to learn that Monsanto has been hiding in your retirement fund, 401K or mutual fund all along. Unfortunately, if you, your family or your friends own any of these investments, you may be profiting from Monsanto’s toxic products!

At a time when socially responsible investing is gaining in popularity, Monsanto should be added to the list of unethical and immoral corporations shunned by mutual funds and other investments.

Today, we're launching the Divest Monsanto Now! campaign to keep Monsanto's toxic profits out of Wall Street investment portfolios and your retirement funds. It's time to turn up the heat on Monsanto - Let's take it to the Street!

Take the Monsanto stock plunge and join us to Divest Monsanto Now! - it's time that we're done with Monsanto’s toxic chemicals, GMOs and endless manipulation of science and democracy. Help us take the fight to Monsanto – hit them where it hurts – their wallet! Every voice counts!

Right now millions of hardworking Americans, maybe even yourself, are investing their hard earned income in the stock market in an effort to save for their children’s college fund or their retirement nest egg to provide financial stability for the future.

Tragically, unless you’re paying close attention, you might be investing in a mutual or retirement fund that profits from Monsanto’s toxic chemicals and flawed GMO seed technologies.

After a 6-month investigation into the top shareholders of Monsanto, Food Democracy Now! has learned that the largest shareholders of Monsanto stock are massive institutional investors. They are some of the world’s largest and most popular mutual funds – names like Vanguard, Fidelity and State Street.

This is where millions of Americans invest their hard earned money hoping to be able to retire one day – and they are the top shareholders for Monsanto, giving it the capital and respectability it needs to continue its corporate bullying of farmers and our democracy. Even worse, if you haven’t checked, Monsanto could be hiding in your 401K or pension fund as well.

Harmful and deceitful tobacco corporations such as Philip Morris and RJR Reynolds do not pass the smell test for social responsible investing; neither should Monsanto.

Watch this short Video that explains it all.

Monsanto’s Mega Institutional Shareholders
Currently, Monsanto is valued at $60 billion in the marketplace and with 525 million shares of Monsanto stock outstanding, the 3 largest mutual fund shareholders, Vanguard, Fidelity and State Street own nearly 16% of Monsanto stock collectively, making them the largest public owners of Monsanto stock.

According to Morningstar, an independent investment research firm:

  • Fidelity owns $3.2 billion or 5.30% of Monsanto stock held in its leading mutual fund
  • Vanguard owns $3.5 billion or 5.76% of Monsanto shares
  • State Street - $2.9 billion – 4.73% of Monsanto shares

By comparison, CEO Hugh Grant owns only .066% of Monsanto.

But the problem isn’t just the top mutual funds that contain Monsanto’s stock. It's that these investment companies, and dozens like them are massive. Combined, Fidelity, Vanguard and State Street manage nearly $7 trillion in assets! It’s time these fund managers and other institutional investors stop investing in Monsanto.

Unfortunately, if you invest in any of these company’s funds, you or your family could be profiting from Monsanto’s untested GMOs and toxic chemicals – and financing them as they poison the planet, contaminate our food supply and corrupt our democracy.

Here are three ways to boycott the mutual funds that own Monsanto and find out if you have Monsanto hiding in your investment portfolios.

     1.  Call your financial advisor and ask if you have a fund that contains Monsanto stock.
     2.  Tell your advisor to sell your funds that own Monsanto.
     3.  Tell your advisor to sell your funds that own Monsanto stock and opt for funds that do not invest in Monsanto or any chemical or junk food companies.

If your company has a 401K plan or pension fund, call your advisor and tell them you want to only invest in funds without Monsanto, chemical or junk food companies.

At Food Democracy Now!, we recommend that you invest in socially responsible investment funds and organic projects.

Today we’re asking that you join us to divest from Monsanto, now and forever. It’s time to reclaim our food, our democracy and our planet!

Share this action with your friends and family – together we can make a difference.

Put your money where your mouth is - Friends don’t let Friends Invest in Monsanto!

Tell Wall Street it’s time to dump Monsanto’s stock because you think it's time that we're done with their toxic chemicals, GMOs and their endless manipulation of science and democracy. It’s time to take the fight to Monsanto – hit them where it hurts – their wallet! Every voice counts!

Remember, democracy is like a muscle, use it or lose it!

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team


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