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RED ALERT - Will Monsanto Kill GMO Labeling in NH? Act NOW!

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on January 15, 2014 - 6:22am

"I support GMO labeling!" - Vote Yes on HB 660!

Don't let Monsanto stop GMO labeling in New Hampshire!

Tell NH - I want GMO labeling now - It's time to stand up for your rights!


At this moment, your Representatives in Concord are on the verge of voting for or against HB 660, an important bill that would allow the labeling of genetically engineered foods in the state.

Earlier this morning, many representatives attended a breakfast hosted by Monsanto’s lobbying front groups, the Biotechnology Industry Organization and the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

Unfortunately, the other side is working to undermine the strong amendment that the bill’s sponsors are planning to support, and trying to weaken the intent of HB 660. Please make a call today or send an email, asking your Representative to support the Moynihan amendment from Rep. Wayne Moynihan, the Vice Chairman of the Environment and Agriculture Committee.

They're in session right now considering this bill, please contact them!

Contact your representative today to support HB 660, so NH can become the 3rd state to pass such a bill - Vote YES on HB 660.

To send a letter:

1. Click here to sign a letter to tell your elected officials letting them know that you care about GMO labeling and want to see them act immediately to support a strong mandatory labeling bill. Every voice counts!

To find your representative's phone number, click on the 1st link below:

2. Please make the call! - If you have two minutes to spare today - make a call to your legislators and let them know you support strong mandatory GMO labeling! Tell New Hampshire to pass a bill this year! Every voice counts!

Monsanto For GMO Labeling, Before They Opposed It!

It may be interesting to note that while today, Monsanto and the biotech lobbyist are busy trying to convince Representatives in New Hampshire that they don’t support GMO labeling, in the past, Monsanto’s CEO sung a very different tune.

In a 1998 interview Monsanto's then -CEO Robert Shapiro, stated unequivocally (in answer to a question about the labeling of genetically engineered foods) that:

"One can make a reasonable argument that consumers and citizens have a right to know anything they wish to know. It is they who are choosing these products and it is they who are choosing and judging their governments. So it is almost impossible to make a case that information should be withheld from consumers.... consumers, in my view [have an] unquestioned, right to know anything they wish to know about the products they consume.... it is not my role, or Monsanto's role, to decide these things. It is society's role to decide those questions after appropriate debate"

To the question "So you are open to labeling being introduced then?"

Shapiro answered: "Yes. Of course".

In addition, in 1998 Monsanto ran ads in Britain, promoting their support for GMO labeling. Why are they opposed now?

"Recently you may have noticed a label appearing on some of the food in your supermarket. This is to inform you about the use of biotechnology in food. Monsanto fully supports UK food manufacturers and retailers in their introduction of these labels. We believe you should be aware of all the facts before making a purchase".

So which is it Monsanto? "For" GMO labeling before you were against it?

Tell your Representatives not to be fooled by Monsanto and the biotech industries slick talking points.

It’s time to label GMOs, help New Hampshire lead the way!

Support GMO Labeling - Help Pass HB 660 a Strong Consumer Protection Bill!


This week a vote is scheduled to take place in the NH House on HB 660, a bill "Requiring Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods & Agricultural Commodities,” on January 15th on the House floorMake sure your legislators here from you today!

  • HB 660 Will Pass Constitutional Challenge.  The language in New Hampshire's HB 660 has been reviewed by legal and constitutional experts who remain confident that should it be challenged in court, it will stand up to constitutional scrutiny.
  • Right-to-Know is a Basic Consumer Right.  HB 660 is a consumer rights bill aimed at providing simple label transparency to New Hampshire citizens.  It doesn't make a judgment as to whether GMOs are good or bad - it just requires food manufacturers to be honest and let citizens know whether a food is the result of genetic engineering.
  • GMO Labeling Costs Will NOT Cause Food Price Increases.  Food corporations already regularly change their labels for marketing reasons. Practical GMO labeling experience worldwide, as well as university studies prove that mandatory GMO labeling, will NOT affect the price consumers pay for food. 
  • No Scientific Consensus on Safety of GMOs.  Despite continued claims from Monsanto and the biotech industry, significant disagreement within the scientific community remains about the safety of genetically engineered crops and their accompanying pesticides, such as the popular weedkiller Roundup. Earlier this year more than 300 scientists signed a declaration stating, No scientific consensus on GMO safety.

  • According to a scientific poll conducted this fall, 90% of New Hampshire voters support their right to know about GMO food.

This is an urgent vote and all hands on deck moment! If you've already made a call, please forward this information on to everyone that you know!

Already citizens in 64 other countries enjoy the basic right of knowing if their food has been genetically engineered in a laboratory. But for the past 20 years Americans have been denied this democratic right because of powerful special interests of Big Food, the biotech industry and agribusiness lobbyists.

You can help change that today! For years, activists across New Hampshire have been working hard to introduce reasonable legislation that would give this basic information to consumers about their food.

In the past two years, Monsanto and giant junk food companies have spent more than $70 million to kill GMO labeling in California and Washington - we can't let them get away with it in New Hampshire!

Send a letter to your Representative by signing the letter below:

Click here if you think you have a Right to Know what’s in your food! Tell your elected officials that you care about GMO labeling and want to see them act immediately to pass this bill into law. Every voice counts!

We hope to see you there! But if you can’t make it, make sure to let your elected official know that you support GMO labeling and want New Hampshire to lead the way!

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