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Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 17th, 2010

Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonBy Hellena Bottemiller

The Senate today approved a cloture motion for the long-awaited FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, or S. 510.  The cloture vote, which eliminates the threat of filibuster by limiting debate, is a key step forward for the beleaguered bill. 

Late last night staffers worked to iron out language and try to broker deals on the Tester and bisphenol A amendments.  Both have become controversial speed bumps for the slow-moving bipartisan bill, which among other things would give the FDA more authority in testing for food pathogens, tracing outbreaks, ordering recalls and penalizing companies that sell contaminated food.

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 17th, 2010

Paul n SamThe Senate just voted 74 Yes to 25 No in favor of the cloture vote. This means that S.510, aka The Food Modernization Act, will move forward in the Senate for a vote by the end of the week, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Even as the debate continues on the Senate floor, the forces of Big Ag are working behind the scenes to kill the Tester-Hagan Amendment and all provisions meant to protect small farmers.

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 16th, 2010

Tester Food Safety Alert - S.510In the last two years alone America has witnessed some of the largest food safety recalls in our nation’s history, including the American Peanut Corporation fiasco and more recently, Jack DeCoster’s massive egg recall.

If one thing is clear from watching this news, it’s the fact that America’s food system is broken and needs to be fixed.

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 15th, 2010

2009 Food Security USDABy Eddie Gehman Kohan

Record-breaking levels of food insecurity from 2008 survey remain steady for 2009, with more participants than ever before enrolled in federal nutrition assistance programs

About 17.4 million households in America had difficulty providing enough nutritious food due to a lack of resources last year, according to USDA's "Household Food Security In The United States 2009," an annual survey released today by USDA.

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 09th, 2010

GMO salmon run wildOfficials at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were recently caught red-handed intentionally hiding a damning report from the public that provided conclusive evidence that genetically modified  (GMO) salmon pose a serious threat to endangered Atlantic salmon if accidentally released into the wild.

These FDA officials knowingly withheld a vital 2003 report from two federal agencies that made it “illegal in the U.S.” to grow GMO salmon in “open-water net pens”, according to a press release from the Center for Food Safety.

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Nov 01st, 2010

Iowa CAFOsA few weeks ago Iowa's Republican gubernatorial candidate Terry Branstad opened his state's longest festering political sore when he responded to a question asked by a family farmer on a campaign stop if, as governor, he would improve the state's regulatory policies regarding industrial animal confinements.

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 26th, 2010

White House Veg. GardenEighteen months after Michelle Obama's shovel first broke ground on the White House lawn on Earth Day of last year, her vegetable garden continues to grow and incite envy and awe among the most avid of gardeners.

In a recent article posted on the The Week, exactly just how successful her garden has been this past year is summed up by the (impressive!) numbers.

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 21st, 2010

Mad Men2Today many of us face challenges of sourcing food grown sustainably and organically, that is mindful of the wage paid to farmers growing the food, as well as of the footprint on the soil, water and air. While some are fortunate to know the individual farmers who grow their food and therefore the agricultural practices used, most of us are not and as a result we must depend upon confusing labeling, and the “story” behind the label of where our food comes from, which often times is prettier than reality.

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 21st, 2010

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 21st, 2010

New York FarmAccording to a New York Times story this week, agriculture has hit the big time, with small farms thriving near the Big Apple. The article, "Keeping Agriculture Alive Near New York City (Yes, Really)" by Tom Applebome quotes Tom Sleight, once a New York farm boy, who took advice from his father, who advised against going into an uncertain future in farming.

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 20th, 2010

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 19th, 2010

Paul Willis Takes New York City by StormAs I say regularly, I consider myself fortunate to live in Iowa. While the East coast has it's sophistication and the West coast has its laid back attitude, here in the Midwest we have the best of both worlds, especially with friends like Thorton, Iowa hog farmer Paul Willis. Here at Food Democracy Now!, we think America is lucky to have good family farmers like Paul, who stand as a testament to what can be accomplished when one has a strong vision and the integrity to carry it out.

Posted By: Food Democracy Now on Oct 10th, 2010

No Dirty Energy Prop 23By Matthew Green

There is no shortage of reasons for opposing Proposition 23, the November ballot measure that would effectively kill California’s landmark climate change legislation. That it’s been funded almost entirely by oil companies to the tune of over $9 million – 70% from out of state


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