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Tell Obama to Save the Planet: Stop Keystone or It's Game Over!

Tomorrow is Earth Day, the day that millions of Americans pause to celebrate the wonders and natural beauty of our planet and the movement that has grown in the past 40 plus years to protect it.

Ironically, April 22, 2013, is also the final day of a final public comment period on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, the proposed massive 1,700 mile long experiment in pumping dirty oil from the Tar Sands in Canada to the Gulf Coast in Texas. Along the way, the proposed Keystone pipeline will crisscross some of the most productive farmland and on the planet, putting the livelihoods of America’s farmers and ranchers and our food supply at risk.

James Hansen, America’s leading climate scientist has already called Keystone “game over for the climate” if approved. Join tens of thousands of America's farmers and everyday citizen's to Stop Keystone!

This Earth Day the stakes couldn’t be higher, Obama has a choice: climate redemption or permanent climate chaos.

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