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Tell Oregon to Count Every Vote for GMO Labeling

Right now the recount in Oregon for Yes on 92 to label genetically engineered foods is underway and already, the Monsanto-led opposition has illegally flown in out-of-state-observers to recount locations. In several cases, these observers have been kicked out, as legally only Oregon residents who are registered voters may serve as observers.


Multiple reports have confirmed that the opposition has sunk even lower by disrupting the recount process, illegally handling ballots, and attempting to skirt the Oregon residency requirement by instructing out-of-state workers to get an Oregon ID and register as an Oregon voter.


Tell Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown to take swift action and ensure that County Clerks are uniform in enforcing laws to keep the paid Monsanto out-of-state observers from disrupting the recount and making sure that EVERY VOTE COUNTS.


Only 812 votes separate us from victory! At this moment a whopping 4,600 voters, who followed all the laws, have had their ballots rejected because of an arbitrary decision by county election officials who decided their signatures did not match the signature on file. Under Oregon law, the ballot does not say that a vote will be rejected unless the signature matches the signature on your registration card and we need to make sure that every vote is counted today! We need your help today. Every voice counts!

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