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Tell the USDA to Stop Rubberstamping GMO Crops!

Once again, the USDA and their friends at Monsanto and Dow Chemical are back at it - frantically working behind the scenes to rubberstamp new genetically engineered crops that are potentially damaging to human health and the environment with little or no serious scientific review to vouch for their long-term safety.

Earlier this summer, the USDA posted 12 new genetically engineered crops for public comment. In what can only be a perverse irony, public comments are due on September 11th. Even more alarming is the fact that 9 of the 12 new GMO crops are under a new fast-tracked process. That means USDA scientists will have even less time to properly review the shoddy corporate science that these corporations are allowed to submit to support their new untested products for approval.

Join us in calling for more rigorous peer-reviewed scientific testing before approving more GMOs. Tell the USDA it's time to stop rubberstamping approval of untested GMO crops!

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