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You Just Stopped the Great Monsanto Bailout: 48-49

BREAKING: HUGE VICTORY IN THE SENATE!!! Because of YOUR PHONE CALLS We just successfully BLOCKED Senator Roberts’ Great Monsanto Bailout in the Senate! NOW we need you more than ever to make sure they don't try to sell us out Again! Every bit counts! 

Dear Food Democracy Now! Supporters,

Thanks to your efforts and tens of thousands of phone calls that were made to the Senate in the past 2 weeks, we’ve successfully blocked the disastrous Roberts’ bill (S. 2609), aka the Great Monsanto Bailout, today that would have preempted states’ rights to Label GMOs!

Unfortunately this fight is far from over.  The fact is we’ve stopped them, but they’re desperate to get a compromise that will only allow voluntary labeling and are still pushing the lame QR code and 1-800-number Scam that Senator’s Roberts (R-KS) and Donnelly (D-IN) on America.

This is huge. This is historic, but it’s not over yet!

Please, don't miss this chance to have your gift matched by pitching in whatever you can. Every dollar counts!

DOUBLE your impact before time runs out - we need to hear from you today!

Right now, Monsanto, the GMA and their cronies in the Senate are scrambling to Steal our basic democratic right to know and devise a strategy in the Senate to protect their toxic profits. But because of you, we’re showing them that we're a Movement and a force to reckoned with right now!

Please chip in here, as little as a $1 to Help us keep the pressure on the Senate and donate $5 >> Every bit counts!


What they’re willing to do to steal your Rights:

This is the second attempt made by Monsanto and the GMA and their cronies to steal your right to know how your foodwas made. All that We, the People, have ever asked and demanded is for 4 simple words on our foodpackages: “Produced with Genetic Engineering”. This is the same basic right citizens in 64 other countries already have!

Why not the U.S.?

Because Big Food and Chemical companies have spent almost a BILLION dollars lobbying against YOU in DC and citizen-led ballot initiatives and bills in the states.

Vermont’s bill to label GMOs will go into effect on July 1st  this year and they’re desperate to stop it!

But thanks to YOU and our allies today, we have stopped all that – for now. It’s not over, but together we are taking back our food system and our Democracy!

Please stand with us to make our fight to stop Monsanto even stronger by donating $5 or more today! >> Every bit counts!! Thank you!

Remember democracy is like a muscle, either you use it or lose it!

Thank you for exercising it today!!

In gratitude and solidarity,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now!


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